PT Mandala Prima Makmur was established since 1997. Starting from trading company. The products were cocoa powder and cocoa beans. We bought cocoa powder from local manufacture and sold to regional and overseas market. Cocoa beans was bought from farmers, we have a very good business relationship until now.

In 2009 we started to build our own factory 2010 we have started the production of cocoa powder until now. We create a good, customized and stable product which make us become more confident to develop the market to all countries. Australia, Malaysia, India, Ukraine, Rusia, New Zealand, Thailand are our regular export destination.

2016 we started to produce premium chocolate drink. We produce healthy and sensational 12 variants original and combination chocolate drink. These products are under our new SMEs company, CV Mitra Prima Mandiri. Who will focus on our retail products.

2020 we add some new products produced by our partner such as chocolate coating products, freeze dried fruits and vegetables and some snacks products.